Good umpiring is a necessity for good play in any sport, and softball is no exception.  AASA needs new umpires to enter the program. It is fun, good exercise, and one can supplement his/her income by becoming a good umpire.  AASA offers many clinics such as the annual State Clinic, District Clinics, and State Schools annually.

To become an AASA umpire, one needs to meet at the District Clinic site or contact the District Commissioner or UIC of one's district, and register.  Upon registering, you will receive a rule book, a case book, your exam, your registration card, and an Insurance Policy.  The Policy covers you with liability, accidental, death, and dismemberment coverages  while traveling to the games, while umpiring the games, and when returning home from the games.  You will also receive the ASA softball magazine, Balls And Strikes, two or three times each year.

Cost for registration is $48.00.  There is no fee for attending the State Clinic nor the District Clinics, but there is a minimal charge for the State Schools and the National Umpire Clinics.

Umpire Uniforms
For more information about uniforms, please contact Al Murray,  6340 Vista Trail, Southside, AL 35907,  PH 256-413-0716 or Email To view a price lists, click below.

2011 Game Fees

Championship Play
All Slow Pitch----$25.00
All JO Fast Pitch--$30.00
All Adult Fast Pitch --$30.00
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2014 District Umpire Clinics
2014 State Umpire Meeting

​There will not be a State Umpire Clinic in 2014.  The District Clinics will serve as the qualifying meeting for eligibility to call in all tournaments.
State Umpire Meeting
State Umpire School
District Umpire Clinics
Umpire Uniform Sales
2013 Umpire Game Fees
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Uniform Items
District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 10
Umpires who wish to call in State and National Tournaments MUST attend the Annual Alabama ASA State Umpire Clinic or a National Umpire School.
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​Fort Decatur
6:00 pm

7:00 pm

2:00 pm

2:00 pm
2:00 pm

2:00 pm
6:00 pm

2:00 pm





​February 24
National Umpire School

2011 National Umpire School Pictures   
2012 Max Wilkes
Umpire of the Year Award
Richie Branum, Decatur

​March 12
Sheffield Rec. Center